If you are a smart businessman, who is constantly on the lookout for newer and alternative methods of doing business, you would have correctly identified leasing as a strategic tool to minimize capital asset expenditure and achieve a higher yield on your operating assets. Moreover, leasing enables funding to supplement existing lines of credit, and the cash thus conserved can be used to meet other operating needs.


Leasing solutions can offer:

  • Adaptability to the changing business environment
  • Quickest way to add/upgrade your machinery, systems or business infrastructure
  • Flexible customer-oriented rental streams
  • Up to 100% financing of the equipment cost
  • Possible cost benefits over outright purchase
  • A bridge-financing tool for unplanned and unbudgeted expenditure
  • Effective tax management
  • Ability to manage capital and expense budgets
  • Safeguard against obsolescence
  • Effective asset life-cycle management
  • Freedom to choose the brand/make/supplier of your equipment

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