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If you are a manufacturer of large equipment, we have the right solutions to help you grow your business. Under our Vendor-Lease Programme, we fully engage in providing equipment manufacturers/ suppliers the right solutions that help them maximize their relationships with their customers. Our leasing programme customized to suit the equipment type, its economic life and use, assists you in optimizing and enhancing your service to customers.

If you are a company with a global presence and are reaching out to customers in India, we will be happy to work with you to offer leasing solutions to your customers through flexible lease structures for leasing of imported equipment. While you are in India to expand your business, we promise to bring you an at-home experience with our creative and innovative equipment leasing and financing options. Accelerate your sales by providing enhanced services to your customers with Tata Capital Leasing Solutions.

As a supplier of equipment, you can partner with Tata Capital and offer leasing solutions to your customers, thus bringing flexible financing programs, better product life-cycle management and technology-refresh package in your spectrum of services.

Our customized and creative lease structures are designed to match the budget of your customers. Your customers can benefit from the immediate use of the asset today and generate revenue from their business, while paying rentals over a period.