When it comes to infrastructure finance products, the rate of interest charged would vary from case to case, based on the financial position of the borrower, facilities offered, tenor etc. You can learn about these specific charges from our sales officers or your relationship manager.

  • Construction Equipment Finance
  • Equipment Solutions


Construction Equipment Finance

Upfront Charges
Interest Rate 13 to 15%* *Special schemes on select models with lower rates.
Documentation Charges 0.5% or Rs. 7500/- whichever is lower
Stamp Duty Actuals as per state
Other Charges to be paid after entering the Contract
Cancellation Charges Rs. 5000/-
Cheque dishonour charges/ rejection of ECS mandate Rs. 450/- for every cheque dishonour/rejection of ECS
Cheque Swap Charges Rs. 500/- each time PDC is swapped
Premature Termination 4% of future principal outstanding or Rs. 5000/- , whichever is higher
In case RC/Insurance Policy copy not submitted by customer Actual expenses incurred for the purpose of collection of RC/Insurance Policy
ROC Charges Rs. 1800/- per case of Limited companies
Retainer Charges X bucket: 0.5% on Monthly Installments not paid
1-2 bucket : 1% on Monthly Installments not paid
3-4 bucket : 2% on Monthly Installments not paid
Charges to be paid in case of Default
Delayed Payment Charges Maximum 3% per month
Legal Charges As per actual expenses incurred by Company
Charges for Repossession of Vehicle Actual expenses incurred
Parking of Repossessed Vehicle Actual expenses incurred at Parking Yard



Equipment Solutions

Construction Equipment Rentals Price List
Equipment Rent per month*
250-275T Crane Rs.16lakhs
80T Crawler Crane Rs.5lakhs
  • *Structured Charges for Large Equipments
  • *Plus GST/li>
  • *10 hours running per day
  • *Overtime charges - pro rata basis
  • *Terms and Conditions apply
Asset Management
Parking Charges Actuals to be paid directly to parking yard owner